Use of LEDs to improve ornamental crop production

Dr. Youbin Zheng
University of Guelph

Currently available LED technologies have been proven to have comparable or better efficiency, very long life spans compared to conventional lighting, and are capable of controlling both intensity and spectral recipes for various lighting requirements. Although horticultural LEDs have gained wide acceptance in cut flower, greenhouse vegetable and indoor leafy green production, there are still many knowledge gaps to be filled. In consultation with industry, this project will identify and research the main existing knowledge gaps, including:

  • How light quality affects seed germination and performance, with an end goal of developing recommendations for plant propagation in controlled environments,
  • Investigation of the effects of light qualities on the morphology of stock plants in order to optimize cutting uniformity and
  • Investigating the efficacy of replacing HPS lighting with LEDs as supplemental lighting
  • Investigation of the effectiveness of pre-finishing LED treatments to improve plant robustness during shipping.

Zheng (Eng) Mar 2019

Zheng (Eng) Feb 2020

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