Temperatures within horticultural plants: Stems and Flowers- explaining rapid growth

Dr. Peter Kevan
University of Guelph

The role of external factors such as climate, weather, microclimate, etc. are well-understood in the growth and productivity of agricultural and horticultural crops, both outdoors and in controlled environments. However, the subtleties of heat regimes within plant structures and tissues remains largely unexplored. An understanding of the micro-thermic regimes in floral stems and flowers may lead to practical applications in culture, aesthetics, and perhaps disease and pest control.

The project’s objectives are:

  • To survey the gross anatomy and microscopic morphology of the floral stems and flowers of horticulturally important crops,
  • To measure the extent of microclimatic amelioration in relation to growth rates, stem elongation, blooming and floral presentation and,
  • To explore how microclimatic regimes within stems and flowers might be manipulated to enhance the value of commercially important ornamental crops.

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