WRAMI: Evaluation of pathogen removal by denitrification bioreactors and constructed wetlands under Ontario conditions

Authors: Huber, Dr. Ann

Organizations: Soil Resource Group

Start Date: 01/01/2013 | End Date: 01/02/2014

An in-field evaluation of the ability of 12 established denitrification woodchip bioreactors and constructed wetlands to remove plant pathogens and/or human enteric pathogen indicator organisms from horticultural and agricultural wastewaters and runoff was conducted. Removal effectiveness was correlated with parameters affecting performance (e.g. media, residence time, temperature, oxygen, pH, depth). The information supports the design of on-site systems that will consistently remove plant and enteric pathogens as well as nutrients from agricultural runoff and wastewaters in order to facilitate its reuse and/or protect surface and ground water resources from contamination

Links: http://www.farmfoodcareon.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/WRAMI-Final-Report-32.pdf
Keywords: denitrification woodchip bioreactor, biofilter, E.coli, pathogens, Petrifilm, edge-of-field