WAMQI #12 -Assessment and Management of Horticultural Stormwater Discharges

Authors: Huber, Dr. Ann, West, Dr. Jeanie

Organizations: PhytoServ, Soil Resource Group

Start Date: 01/01/2014 | End Date: 02/01/2015

Field studies of stormwater pond dynamics in response to storm events at horticultural operations were carried out to determine the critical points at which farmers must manage their collection ponds to protect the environment. For most horticultural greenhouse operations, stormwater ponds essentially collect rainwater from the greenhouse roofs, and may collect subsurface drainage water from adjacent land or the greenhouse production facility. Continuous as well as strategic monitoring was carried out at three floriculture greenhouse sites over the 2014 season, collecting information on volumes, overflows, meteorological data, and composition of pond water and stormwater overflows. This project is the first phase in developing Best Management Practices for producers to size, design, and monitor their stormwater management systems to adapt to changes in size, intensity, frequency, and variability of growing season storm events predicted by current climate change models. The development of a coherent management and sampling strategy is of value to farmers, who are looking at whether their ponds are designed and operating properly, and are seeking to comply with environmental ministry requirements.

Links: https://www.flowerscanadagrowers.com/uploads/2016/04/research%20-%20stormwater%20report1.pdf
Keywords: greenhouse, nursery, stormwater ponds, phosphorus, nutrients, sizing