CAP ASC No. 15 – Activity # 3A

Authors: Khanal, Nityananda

Organizations: AAFC - Beaverlodge

Start Date: 06/08/2018 | End Date: 31/03/2023

Creeping red fescue is one of the major turf grass species used in golf courses, lawns and other ornamental landscapes. Profitable seed production of creeping red fescue in Canada means strong and reliable upstream value chain of the turf grass and landscaping industry. It will help minimize supply risk of seed material and dependence on the foreign seed which may have uncertainty with local adaptation. The project takes genetic improvement, agronomic studies and an economic analytical approach to provide producers with beneficial management options with economic rationale for creeping red fescue seed production. Improved cultivar will have better input use efficiency, adaptation to climatic variability and disease tolerance that will consequently increase the yield with lower input cost and thereby enhance the economic profitability of production.

Keywords: Creeping red fescue, turf, population, breeding, agronomy, seed, multi-harvest