Best Management Practices for the Ontario Greenhouse and Container Nursery Industry to Protect Surface and Sub-surface Water Quality TOGA-OMAFRA Great Lakes Project 07-038)

Authors: Huber, Dr. Ann, Speranzini, Donna

Organizations: Soil Resource Group

The project objectives were to demonstrate the principles of collection, treatment, and reuse of irrigation runoff water in the greenhouse horticulture industry and develop and draft a. Existing treatment systems were monitored at three sites and new systems were installed and monitored at the seven sites. Irrigation water runoff and water at interim stages of each treatment system were monitored to determine their effectiveness. A Greenhouse and Container Nursery Water and Nutrient Management BMP document was drafted which formed the basis of the three individual OMAFRA BMP and self-assessment guides for greenhouse vegetable, container nursery, and greenhouse floriculture production.

Keywords: irrigation water treatment, biofilter, constructed wetlands, bioswales, miscanthus, vegetated filterstrip