Precision irrigation in nursery using wireless tensiometers

Dr. Charles Goulet
Université Laval

Irrigation is one of the most important factors affecting nursery profitability, influencing both plant quality and production costs. Nursery production requires a significant supply of water, especially for container production.  Unfortunately, traditional irrigation management results in a significant loss of water. To ensure better management of water resources and reduce the impact on the environment, it is essential to move toward precision irrigation.

A new generation of wireless tensiometer that measures the water available to the plant and allows precise irrigation control has been evaluated.  For improved efficiency, the best clustering practices based on the water needs of diverse species have been established.   Evaluation of the best irrigation strategies in a commercial setting have demonstrated that water use can be reduced while maintaining an optimal growth.

Recommendations have been made for improved water management practices in plant nurseries with the potential to help growers across the country.


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