Optimizing turfgrass fertilization to reduce nitrate losses through leaching

Dr. Yves Desjardins / Dr. Guillaume Gregoire
Université Laval

Following the results of research funded through the previous clusters, the goal of this project is to optimize fertilizer use of turfgrass in order to reduce nitrate-N losses through leaching, with the intent of helping growers to mitigate their impact on Canada’s water sources and enhancement of the environmental sustainability of the turfgrass sector through optimization of fertilizer use. Specific objectives include:

  • Measurement of short-term nitrate losses resulting from different fertilization strategies in different soil types,
  • Measurement of long-term nitrate losses resulting from best treatments as identified above, and
  • To validate greenhouse results in an outdoor field trial.

Gregoire (Eng) Mar 2019

Gregoire (Eng) Feb 2020

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