Optimizing nutrient delivery in greenhouse-grown potted chrysanthemums: Sub-irrigation and drip irrigation systems

Dr. Barry Shelp
University of Guelph

This research work will further test the hypothesis that nutrient use efficiency of modern cultivars of greenhouse-grown potted chrysanthemums can be improved by reducing nutrient supply during vegetative growth, in combination with an interrupted supply during reproductive growth, without sacrificing plant yield & quality. The current project objective is to optimize the delivery of the remaining macronutrients (calcium and magnesium), as well as the micronutrients, to sub-irrigated and drip-irrigated potted chrysanthemums.

Research in years one to four will study the delivery of specific macronutrient combinations during vegetative growth of sub-irrigated potted chrysanthemums over two growing seasons. The year five objective will be to determine whether the optimized nutrient delivery system established for sub-irrigated potted chrysanthemums in the research greenhouse is applicable to both sub-irrigated and drip-irrigated chrysanthemums.

Shelp (Eng) Mar 2019

Shelp (Eng) Feb 2020