Optimal fertilizer application rates in container nursery crop production

Dr. Youbin Zheng
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Excess fertilization is not only costly but can also injure plants and cause unnecessary nutrient runoff, resulting in environmental damage. However, insufficient fertilization can result in plants showing symptoms of nutrient deficiencies, reduce crop productivity, and eventually reduce the efficiency of other resource inputs during nursery crop production.

This project, conducted at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre was designed to determine the best nutrient rates, application methods, and timing for growing container nursery crops using different fertilizer types and growing substrates.

A comprehensive fertilization guide for Canadian container nursery crop productions was developed in this project. The new/improved practices outlined in the guide will help growers to enhance their productivities and minimize environmental impact. The guide provides recommendations on the optimal fertilizer application rates for different nursery species.


Project Summary PDF
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Final Report
Fertilization Guide 2018