Irrigation efficiency in nurseries: towards a more sustainable approach

Dr. Charles Goulet
Université Laval

The use of traditional overhead watering practices in nursery production results in excessive use of water resources. Imprecise knowledge of specific water requirements combined with the inability to control application rates generally leads to over-watering of plants. To ensure better management of water resources and reduce impact on the environment, it is essential for the industry to move towards precision irrigation.

Precision irrigation, through the use of tensiometers, will offer nursery growers the ability to optimize their irrigation practices by delivering the right amount of water and the right time to the right plant.

Specific project objectives include:

  • Optimization of irrigation management using wireless tensiometers,
  • Establishment of clustering recommendations for a wide range of plant species based on their needs, and
  • To compare different automation strategies.

Goulet (Eng) Feb 2020

Goulet (Eng) Mar 2021 or watch on YouTube.