Integrating a genetic, agronomic and economic approach to improving environmental adaptability and end use quality of creeping red fescue

Dr. Nityananda Khanal
AAFC and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Creeping red fescue is a major export commodity with an annual export value of $26 million, however, seed productivity in Canada is much lower than US and Denmark, thus affecting its competitiveness in the international marketplace. Research will include genetic improvement, agronomic studies and an economic analytical approach to provide beneficial management options.

Specific research project objectives include:

  • Re-initiate creeping red fescue breeding for better disease resistance & environmental adaptability
  • Increase multi-harvest seed yield and seed quality of creeping red fescue through plant growth regulation, plant nutrition and stand health management
  • Determine the economic profitability of creeping red fescue seed crop management factors included in the study.

Khanal (Eng) Mar 2019

Khanal (Eng) Feb 2020

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