Foxglove aphid biology and management in ornamental greenhouse production systems

Dr. Rose Buitenhuis
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

The goal of this research project led by Dr. Rose Buitenhuis was to provide effective pest management strategies for problem aphid species in greenhouse ornamentals that are compatible with existing biological control systems. The focus during the third and final year was to integrate the different tools developed during years one and two into a complete IPM strategy.

Through Vineland’s research it was determined that the best time to release Aphidius ervi against foxglove aphid was when aphids were found in the crop; previously, wasps were released preventatively. In small and large-scale trials, A. ervi controlled aphid populations when used alone or together with a novel predatory mite. No negative interactions (such as intraguild predation) were observed. The research also showed high compatibility of A. ervi with biopesticides, which will enhance biocontrol of foxglove aphids. Based on the knowledge generated in this project, recommendations were developed for an IPM strategy against foxglove aphids, which significantly reduces the number of chemical sprays.


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