Enabling recirculation with hybrid treatment systems

Dr. Ann Huber
The Soil Resource Group

This project will continue research into innovative hybrid treatment systems (HTS) to ‘strip’ nutrients from post-irrigation and other operational waters and the ability of these systems to remove fungal plant pathogens. For full reuse in the greenhouse, this project also proposes to evaluate HTS for the removal of relevant PGRs and pesticides to verify that the treatment process is managing all risks in the water intended for recirculation. The objective is to alleviate grower concern regarding the risk of pathogen transfer from an infected zone to the rest of the production areas via recovered and reused irrigation water.


  • Assess ability of individual potential media components of the HTS to remove common greenhouse PGRs and pesticides
  • To optimize the media sequence for removal of relevant PGRs and pesticides from greenhouse operational waters, within the current HTS design
  • To optimize the operational parameters to enable removal of relevant PGRs and pesticides as well as undesired components that are removed by the current HTS design

Huber (Eng) Mar 2019

Huber (Eng) Feb 2020

Huber (Eng) Mar 2021 or watch on YouTube.