Development and marketing of new hardy woody plant varieties based primarily on native Newfoundland flora

Todd Boland
Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden

Led by MUNBG’s Todd Boland, this project was designed to meet industry demand for more native landscape plants as such plants are often better adapted to Canadian growing conditions. Nine new woody Newfoundland plant selections were provided to seven of Canada’s largest commercial plant propagating nurseries for evaluation.  Unrooted cuttings/scions of the trial plants were supplied to the trialing nurseries to be propagated, grown in the nursery and then rated on their ability to root/graft, foliage appearance, flower production (if applicable), susceptibility to pests and diseases and overall plant habit. Most importantly, these trialers had the opportunity to make critical reviews of the plant as to whether they would be a valuable and profitable addition to the landscape industry.

This project resulted in the successful release of Salix candida ‘Iceberg Alley.”  Four additional plants have also shown commercialization potential and evaluation will continue beyond the conclusion of the project.


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