Changing production practices to increase plant health and production efficiency in floriculture crops

Dr. Rose Buitenhuis
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

This project will look at the implementation of more sustainable production and pest control practices, including the broader integration of natural enemies, biopesticides and biostimulants into growers’ production programs. Specific objectives include:

  • Eliminate/reduce pest (thrips) infestations on imported propagative material by cutting dips in reduced -risk materials
  • Fertilizer optimization a. Optimize nutrient inputs and biostimulant amendments to reduce the risk of pest outbreaks while maintaining plant health and quality for two major floriculture crops (gerbera and chrysanthemum); b. Quantify effects of reduced nutrients and/or biostimulants on biocontrol efficiency
  • Validate the effectiveness of the systems approach by growing two crops from start to finish in commercial greenhouses in ON and QC, incorporating best practices from objectives 1 and 2

Buitenhuis (Eng) Mar 2019

Buitenhuis (Eng) Feb 2020

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