Alternative weed control methods and bioherbicides in turf and nursery production

François Tardif, University of Guelph; Katerina Jordan, University of Guelph; Eric Lyons, University of Guelph; Rene Van Acker, University of Guelph; Michael Brownbridge, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre; Karen Bailey, AAFC, Saskatoon.

Landscapers know that weed control in turfgrass without the use of synthetic herbicides can be difficult. Dr. Francois Tardif with the University of Guelph has conducted field trials on a number of alternative weed control products and found that there is significant variation between the claims of manufacturers and actual product performance. While a few products provide control comparable to that of synthetic herbicides, most do not provide a level of control that would be acceptable for the majority of users. Over seeding with some grass species can lead to increased turf cover and is proving to be a favourable option in light of increasing restrictions on pesticide use. This research has delivered a set of clear recommendations for saving money and increasing the efficiency of controlling weeds in turf without conventional herbicides.